SDCC 2018: Hasbro/ Marvel Panel

Hasbro held their panel about what they have in store for Marvel and Marvel Legends.  Let’s get right into it as they started with:


I remember when Mighty Muggs were hollow pieces of cheap plastic.  They’ve since evolved into something much more.  Hasbro revealed what they have coming out in the fall.

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I’m a HUGE fan of Spider-Ham, so I’m definitely stoked on that.  The Venom design is top notch, which we’ve been seeing a lot of great Venom figures this year ( He does have a movie coming out this year).


Black Panther

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Black Panther is getting a second wave of movie figures (that will be out by years end) and a Black Panther Helmet Replica!

Marvel Legends

The meat of the panel was all this ML.  This line has been around for more than TEN YEARS and does not show signs of slowing down.   Here is what was announced so far!

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Marvel Legends Hercules is announced. Finally! Movie Ultron will be EE and Gamestop exclusive and will be more glossy! Archangel (looking like 90’s Xmen Cartoon) with 3 heads and Apocalypse Claw (that can click into your Apocalypse figure). He will be Gamestop and EE exclusive. The greatest henchmen of all time get a two pack!  Aim 2-Pack Gamestop and EE exclusive. Magik gets her figure and will be Walgreens exclusive. Target Exclusive Into The Spider-Verse 2-Pack with Miles and Gwen.  Netflix Luke Cage/ Claire 2-Pack will be Walmart Exclusive. Also announced were Toy Biz Vintage Line Wave 2 – Ant-Man, Wasp, Scarlet Spider, Black Panther, Hawkeye and Vision. Vision has an extra Ultron head.  I love these figures.  The Punisher one was absolutely amazing.



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Deadpool collectors edition Monopoly!  Gamestop exclusive comes with exclusive packaging and fuzzy bunny slippers token.  NERF Dead-Apollo gun!  Looks like your blasting yourself but really fires straight!


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Spider-Man Wave 1 -Modern Symbiote Spider-Man, Red Goblin, Black Cat & Silver Sable and the build-a-figure is Kingpin with 3 heads an diamond cane.



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Prof X, Skullbuster & Blink.  They also teased but not confirmed the build-a-figure.  They said it is not a Hover Chair but they aren’t revealing it. It is a character and big, very big. Rider Series with Deadpool and Scooter with new Deadpool head. The showed some protos hinting at Magneto, Hydra Cap, Mystique and Quicksilver and something that I can’t quiet identify.  Professor X with Hover Chair coming to Riders line, which is amazing.  The figure looks perfect.  Their final reveal was Gambit with stubble.


Hasbro really brought it this year.  I’d say a good showing and exciting news for the future of the line!

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