This anthology-style horror film presents four tales of terror told through the lens of a Halloween night in Warren Valley, Ohio. The film starts with Emma and Henry returning home on Halloween night and lays the foundation of misfortune befalling people who violate the superstitious “rules” of Halloween at the hands of a masked trick-or-treater named Sam. Disregarding her husband’s warnings about taking down their decorations early and blowing out the jack-o-lanterns before midnight Emma is attacked by an unseen assailant before the first tale is told. The first story centers on the murderous actions of a local principal and the slapstick scenarios he finds himself in as he tries to hide the body of a local bully he poisoned to death. The second film presents the local legend of “the Halloween School Bus Massacre” and the tragic death of eight local school kids. The third film presents a modern retelling of Little Red Riding hood with a Halloween backdrop and a twist ending. The fourth and final film revisits the previously introduced principal Wilkins’ neighbor Kreeg who spends his Halloween scaring trick-or-treaters until he comes face to face with Sam. While I won’t ruin any of the film’s twists the Halloween night ends with a reveal that ties all of the stories together with a nice bloody bow to round out the season.

Trick ‘r Treat holds an 84% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is generally loved as a tribute film to both the Horror genre and Halloween itself. Through the large cult following the film has gained over the years the series has seen a large amount of merchandise released for the film, ranging from Sideshow Collectibles vinyl figures based on Sam, Funko deluxe POP! Figurine of Sam, an entire line of Trick ‘r Treat themed décor and props released by Spirit Halloween, to even being featured in a scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights. Although it was stated by Michael Dougherty that he was planning a sequel back in 2009, there has been no sequel that is officially greenlit, but Dougherty did reveal one was in “active development” this month.

As always, if you’ve seen the listed film, dislike the film, or just don’t believe you would like it we have provided a list of alternative choices for you to pick from: alternative-films-for-this-spooky-season

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