Review: Castle kong

If you remember the days of the old Nintendo, days with titles like Donkey Kong you will love this little homage to the old times! Castle Kong is a great revisiting to the old days of Donkey Kong’s rule in the 1980’s.

Castle Kong for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

Title: Castle Kong
Developer: Drowning Monkey Game, Prime Time Limited
Publishers: Drowning Monkey LLC, Drowning Monkeys Games
Platforms: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), Steam
Release Date: February 4th, 2021

Taking on the role as PauperBoy trying to rescue the damsel in distress named PrincessGirl from the evil badguy who is named BaronMan. You play a very similar game to what you would have played in the OG days of Donkey Kong, but it is done extremely tastefully and done with amazing care. While this is a game style that many haven’t probably played in a while picking this one up feels amazing!

Movement like jumping, walking, climbing and everything feels almost exactly like it did when you played as Mario. Collecting letters that spell KONG throughout the levels that give you some points is also a cool addition.

Castle Kong - Full Game Unlock on Steam

The change up in location and time period also works extremely well with you playing as a young man trying to get his love interest back from an evil Baron. I enjoyed the look and feel of the time period and really liked how the graphics came out on this. It never gets that wanna be 8-bit feel but also is able to feel retro at the same time.

Lastly the music and sounds are to die for! With traditional beeps, boops and bleeps throughout giving you that old arcade feel and I love it! The game in general was a pleasant surprise and I can say I will be playing much more of this one!

What Is Castle Kong? The Donkey Kong Style Modern Day Arcade Game, Comes To  Switch July 4th | Happy Gamer

Gameplay:10/10 – Exactly how you think this game should be played! Extremely well done!

Graphics10/10 – Again perfectly well done looks very retro while not straining your eyes to look 8bit!

Control10/10 – Just like the rest of the game the controls play perfectly and even feel exactly like the old school versions of Donkey Kong.

Sound Design9.5/10 – While I love the sound effects if there is a gripe I can give it’s that the sound effects could be a little repetitive to others.

Final Verdict: 9.8/10– This game was a killer! I loved getting my hands on it and really enjoyed everything about it, and I cannot recommend this one enough.

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