Review: airborne kingdom

Airborne Kingdom the city builder where floating amongst the clouds is the name of the game as you grow your city by gathering resources and recruiting people from the sky as the randomly generated map spawns below you. Random villages and clans scattered about below that you can interact with will help you grow your city and gain knowledge to help progress you through your game.

Title: Airborne Kingdom Developer: The Wandering Band Platform: PC/ Epic Game Store Release date: December 17th, 2020

Airborne Kingdom as a city builder is setting itself apart amongst plenty of other city builders by adding the cool sky element where you have to build your city while making sure that you gather resources from the ground using recruits that fly planes down to areas you mark. Building around the base balloon you spawn with you have to remember to keep things balanced as well the tilt can make air travel more difficult resulting in an added loss of resources to keep you airborne.

Although the game looks nice and has the added floating city element I admit the game felt just like another city builder to me, that isn’t a good thing or a bad thing as I’m personally a fan of the city builder genre and I will usually happily play any city builder that comes my way. Airborne Kingdom for me is definitely one of those games that I’ll play when the main games in my rotation start getting old, a palate cleanser if you will.

Grades: Gameplay- 8/10: The mechanics of the game are fun and the helpful beginning game tutorial was very useful in getting the ball rolling. Graphics- 8/10: The artwork is nice and never gets old to look at but isn’t going to be the reason you keep coming back to the game. Sound Design- 5/10: The sound design to me wasn’t bad by any means but also wasn’t good enough for me to want to listen to. I spent my game time listening to other music. Control- 10/10: The mechanics are simple and easy, for the most part the game is a simple point and click mechanic. Overall Grade- 7.75/10: Airborne Kingdom is a fun city builder that isn’t changing the genre but still found myself enjoying while I played.

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