YouTuber EvanF1997 Spearheads A Community Trying To Save Destiny.

Destiny 2 as most of you know is a game that I have sunk way too many hours into. It was something I loved! A game where I felt like my character really was the big ole badass that the game builds you up to be, and it also offered loot tons and tons of loot. Now however Destiny finds itself on the outs with its community and fan base, and as someone that loves livestreaming Destiny content it makes me sad to see the state that the game is in.

That is where Evanf1997 comes into this whole thing. As a YouTuber that has made many videos documenting defining moments in Destiny’s history he yet again made another masterful video. This time documenting the rough state that the game is in and giving thoughts that the community seems to feel at large.

With takes from many high profiled Destiny content creators, and even players from the community that wanted to voice their opinion. Voice it they did! With amazing points that aren’t just to shove the negativity in the face of others, but to try and get Bungie to notice the issue that the community has with what has happened to such a beloved franchise.

The video titled “Destiny 2 Desperately Needs To Change” is broken into four segments sunsetting, loot incentive, challenging content, seasonal content with each of those being in depth reviews and critiques of what we have, and ideas towards those issues to help fix the problem. As a whole Evan nails many key issues that players find with Destiny in it’s current state, and issues that need to be fixed otherwise Destiny could see many darker days to come.

One key thing that is stated in this video is “Bungie isn’t making this game for anyone right now.” and I have to tell you I agree. I however can only tell you so much and I think you should easily check out Evan’s video on this.

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