A Look Inside The New PS5!

Sony went from being the company that didn’t want to share much about anything on their upcoming PS5, to now showing off the system completely undone. The PS5 Teardown video released today really went down to the barebones of the system. Revealing a new and really complicated looking cooling system, with a 120mm fan that actually pulls air in from both sides of the console. Cooling seems to be a huge hurdle that Sony wanted to get correct on this console.

Sony PS5 (PlayStation 5) official teardown

Actually cracking into the machine doesn’t look very hard either with both the fancy fins on either end of the system coming off rather easily. Adding storage to the new system should be a breeze, it is something to note that the actually default storage is NOT removable. The entire tear down is actually a really good video especially if you want to see all of the thought that went into this system. Sony hasn’t disappointed on actually showing what kind of thought the really put in on the PS5!

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