SDCC 2019: Funko Exclusives Part 1

San Diego Comic Con Season is upon us already and Funko has started the hype train with a some exclusive reveals!  Let’s get right into it!



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Dragon Ball Z is getting two exclusives.  Vegeta, which will also be available at Hot Topic (HT) and Ghost Gotenks, which will also be available at BoxLunch (BL)

Peanuts is up next with Snoopy the Astronaut!  Snoopy will be available at Barnes and Noble (BN) as well!

From RWBY, Funko is releasing Ruby Rose!  She’ll be available at HT as well!

Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion will be a SDCC exclusive and also at HT!



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Funko starts their TV line up with some releases that hit me right in the sweet spot.  Sid and Marty Krofts HR Pufnstuf and Sigmund (of sea monster fame).  These guys will be released on the Funko Shops website as well.

Next up is a Gold Demogorgon from Stranger Things.  He’ll (She’ll?) be available at BN as well.  While you’re there grab Pting from Dr. Who!

The second Netflix show is getting a Pop! and it’s Dark Crystal.  Mira will ONLY be available at SDCC (which means she will fetch big bucks on the second hand market!).

The best release will be available at Toy Tokyo as well, ULTRAMAN!!!


Big Bang Theory

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The whole cast of Big Bang gets their own comic counter parts!  They will be available at Wal-Mart as well (so good luck, wal-mart releases are usually flawed).  They will also have Pop! Tees out there as well!


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WONG!  MAN THING!!  Some real great characters are finally getting Pops!  Wong will be at Walgreens, Minn- Erva will be Gamestop, Gamora at HT and Man-Thing will be on Entertainment Earth!

That’s all Funko has teased us with so far, but keep your eyes on the site for alllll the releases!





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