Destiny 2 “Forsaken” DLC Weapon Changes Announced.

Today on Twitch Bungie held a special live stream, talking all about the new weapon, and combat changes. The return of long time favorite random weapon roles, and even changes to the weapon mod system. Some long time Destiny fans will be very excited to hear of some of the changes coming to Destiny 2!

Along with these weapon changes, we also got to see how the new weapon slots will work! Letting you relive the old Destiny 1 days, that lets you carry a sniper in your secondary slot. to make the new weapon slot even more weird you can even go triple shotguns, which Bungie showed off in the stream. The mod system has been tweaked, so no mods will change your power, but now mods will give you some sort of combat advantage. From being able to bring the map back up quicker, to even giving you perks that can help you get better accuracy in the air. The new combat system on guns looks amazing.

Not only are weapons changing, but so are supers and secondary abilities. Making the combat more fluid and fast supers have been a bit increased, but for the titans out there the shoulder charge is making a prominent return to power! Titans will be able to once again one shot with theyre charge abilites. Also talking about melee, the 2 hit melee kills are back! So no more drawn out boxing matches can occur in the middle of a match.


With all of these new changes Destiny 2’s combat system seems to be going in the right direction. The game will be able to be played faster, and will be much more fun to play. The last thing we got to see was some of the new exotics, and all of the exotics looks great! From a bow that can let you see thru walls, to boots that let you ricochet projectiles off of you while you slide!

Some of these changes will be coming to Destiny before the DLC drops, such as the weapon slots and quality-of-life changes will be dropping August 28th, while Forsaken hits September 4th! So get excited Destiny fans we will have so much more to do!

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