There was a huge release at SDCC and we are finally getting articulated human characters from Jurassic park and a highly articulated velociraptor Blue!!

Ian Malcolm looks amazing, and I love how this figure brings so much Nostalgia!! I can already see him sitting in the back of the truck like a diva with his shirt open as the T-Rex is chasing them! The likeness to Jeff Goldblum is just killer spot on!! Allot of fans are definetly gushing to get him hahahahaha.

Then next we have Owen, and he looks just like Chris Pratt. After the first jurassic world movie, I did collect some jurassic park toys and was sadden that we didnt get Owen to stand along side the velociraptors. I bet Mattel has been listening to the complaints and that is why our dreams are now fulfilled!

And for the first time we are getting a super highly articulated dinosaur. As a kid I always loved the velociraptors, they are so agile and so bad to the bone! I love that we are getting a highly articulated raptor, so we can put him into any super dynamic pose!!

With all that said I love these figures and I love the fact that Mattel is stepping up their game! What do you Geeks think?? Is it something you want to be adding to your collection, I think I do! Let me know in the comment section below!!


  1. Impeccable blue figure, all details such as the size of the feet and the head are well respected. I hope so much that they will do the same for the t-rex, the mosasaurus, and also the male velociraptor of JP3 where they will just have to change their color, change the head and add the spines or protoplums behind the head.


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