Something Is Happening With Bethesda’s Twitch!

If you are just waking up, or haven’t stopped by the Bethesda Twitch channel. You should check it out! A live stream is currently being broadcast showing a Vault Boy bobble head, with the iconic Fallout “Please Stand By” message screen displayed. If you would like to check out the live stream you can click down here.


Since the live stream has went live all sorts of theories have hit the internet. From new Fallout titles such (Fallout New Orleans, Fallout 5, Fallout New York), and others have said that it will be a 2nd title in the Fallout New Vegas story line. All of these have not been confirmed in any way, but I will never turn down a new Fallout game.

With the Nintendo Switch still left out of having Fallout, I do think that the possibility of a Switch version being announced is highly likely. Also possible remasters of other Fallout titles could be another possiblity. Again nothing is set in stone and we have to just wait to find out whats going to happen! So again PLEASE STAND BY!

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