Cerberus Rex: An Audio Adventure

A well.  A giant bottomless well that isn’t man made.  A Giant bottomless well with an amazing secret.  Dr. Anabela Correia is an astrophysicist and the main character of “Cerberus Rex“.  We first meet Anabela while she is teaching her class about the inconsistencies of “Back to the Future” and why Marty McFly wouldn’t survive time travel.

The one and half hour sci-fi drama is edge of the seat type material.  The voice acting is fantastic with Natali De Assis doing most of the heavy lifting as Anabela.  There are a few exchanges with other characters that leave you smiling from it’s genuineness. Coupled  with the witty writing of Rex’s creator, editor, producer and director, Jason Hardcastle and you’re left with a radio drama that leaves you thoroughly satisfied.

Cerberus Rex is available at Sci-Fi.com

From the moment Anabela is picked up and taken to a secret government site, you’re filled with uneasiness.  This is helped with the spectacular soundtrack by Benjamin Goldman.  It has a AAA summer blockbuster feel to it, with sweeping grandiose stings and winds, you feel like you’re entering Jurassic Park (Something Anabela says at one point).

Is something in the well?  

I highly recommend checking “Cerberus Rex” out.  I can’t say too much because it’s so well done and full of twists, I want you to feel the same anxiety I did.  The fact that “Cerberus Rex” is only $1.99 is ridiculous.  There are some podcasts out there that want more for their patreon than what Jason is asking for this well put together radio adventure.  Check it out, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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