First Impressions of Sea of Thieves!

Microsoft finally has brought a hit exclusive from the once brilliant Rare, and again they have made a game to remember. A stylistic pirate sim that wonderfully brings the cartoonish feel of older Rare titles, and the beautiful water and world that the player is dropped into.

When I say dropped into the world I mean it. The game does not hold your hand in any way, and can at first be very overwhelming. As soon as you do find your footing though the game opens up, and sailing over the beautiful ocean hearing the perfect sound effects, and stellar music takes you away. Quest though at first can be difficult to get around to just by the sheer unknowing  of how to do it are relatively quite good. Some of which are more difficult that other depending on the mission you acquire.



Different missions are acquired by vendors, and those quest can very from bounty hunting, treasure hunting and shipping vendors needs. Some of these missions can be done in a different way, either by doing them yourself or even taking down an enemy ship that has done this for you. On that note combat is great! Ship to ship or even against just a person, the swordplay is great and fluid, and the gun play is great. The lack of a cross hair can be difficult but more times than none you will hit your target.


So far from the hours that I have put into this game the game is a well oiled machine, that is only lacking a few small things. The ability to join a friend is not there and I am hoping that this is added quickly. Having to exit out of a game to start a new game with friends is kind of lame, but it doesn’t hurt the multiplayer. As everyone knows the game is better in mulitplayer and helps you a ton when sailing the seas. Though single player is very playable it does up the difficulty.

All in all the game is so much fun! I was able to have fun just sailing around exploring each island that I came across. Playing with friends is great and makes you really feel like a pirate crew. The role-playing element is very strong in the game giving each person a role on the ship, and I can see myself playing this game for hours. If you have ever wanted to be a pirate this game might just be for you!

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