Logan Paul and YouTube Have a Problem.

A few days ago Logan Paul a Vine star turned YouTube star posted a graphic video, that he filmed in Japans Aokigahara forest also known as the “Suicide Forest”. To quickly sum up what the video is, Paul and his group of friends decide to go camping in the forbidden area of Aokigahara. Upon entering the forbidden area they come across a persons lifeless body hanging, and after finding it he closely films this persons body showing off as much detail you could except the face. A few moments later as the group sits next to this person he begins to crack small jokes.


This video that Paul posted also included a thumbnail that had a blurred imagine of the deceased person, and had the title  “We Found a Dead Body in Japans Suicide Forest”. Now this video was able to hit YouTube’s top spot on the trending page, and easily passed more that 600,000 likes. Logan as since deleted his video and issued an apology for his actions, also saying he is going to be taking a break from YouTube “for now”.

The fact remains that YouTube was able to let this get through all of the security they say they have, also it was able to get through any flags that it mostly likely received. The question is why? Why was Paul’s video able make it so far even though it clearly broke terms of service, but smaller YouTubers who play games or review toys have their content removed? It looks more and more everyday that YouTube has fallen away from what made them so big. Picking favorites and backing them fearlessly. This includes Logan’s brother Jake Paul who is also in trouble after a video of him free-style rapping, and dropping the N-word a few times leaked out on to the internet.


In the long run what has happened here may not actually impact Logan Paul, his channel will probably grow even faster than before. Having more and more people who want to see if he will do this sort of stunt again, but maybe it will impact YouTube. Here’s hoping that we see a change in how YouTube handles their mega-million dollar stars, and the smaller less harmful channels that don’t show off dead bodies to children.


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