Apple September 2017 Keynote

Today at 10am PST, Apple gave it’s highly anticipated Keynote speech, announcing their upcoming products and services to Apple consumers. This started off with descriptions on changes to the Apple Store, which was fine and dandy. But we want the products!

Apple Watch OS4 was discussed, mentioning all the new features, most notably the improvement to Health. Features such as monitoring and alert if your heartrate increases, or fluctuates dramatically, when you aren’t currently active. More incremental improvements to features such as Music and Photos, and general interactions. Also announced is the new Series 3 watch. CELLULAR IS NOW INCLUDED! You can now take just your watch with you, and enjoy more freedom! Siri speaks! Swimproof! All in the same size as the Series 2 watch for $399, and without Cellular for $299! Watch iOS4 is available on September 19th! Orders for Series watch begin on September 22nd and will be released on the 29th!

Apple TV also received an upgrade, most notably 4K HDR support! Of course, you will need to own a 4K HDR HDTV to take full advantage of the improved visuals. Inside, it boasts the A10X Fusion chip, same as in the iPad Pro. Any already purchased HD movies on iTunes that will receive upgrades to 4K will be free, and future 4K content will sell at same price as current HD. Emphasis on the TV app, and most notably,Live News and Sports; should help increase the trend of Cable-cutters!

iPhone 8 makes its debut! The return of a glass front and back phone, the 8 and 8 Plus boasts to be the most resilient glass on a phone! Also dust and water resilient. Improved speakers. It features the newest chip, the A11Bionic 6 core processor that will bring 70% improved performance over the A10. As with the 7 series, only the Plus features the dual camera. While only 12MP, both phones cameras feature new sensors that will improve quality of photos, removing more visual noise, and performing better in low light. Augmented Reality (AR) features are the new big thing! AR Kit, is meant to add new ways to view the world around you, and interact with others! Some examples shown were map overlays in real time while looking around the world around you. Also, an AR game, Metal 2 was shown which was pretty cool. Only better things can come from this new feature in the future!Wireless charging! Apple has FINALLY got on board with this trending feature. If you have Carplay in your car, you can just hop in and know your phone is already charging without having to attach an cable. The iPhone 8 will start at $699 and the 8 Plus at $799, both available in 64GB and 256GB sizes. Both presale starts September 15th, and go on sale on September 22nd.

AND THEN THERE WAS X! The iPhone 10 was announced! People were expecting just one new phone, we got THREE! Full glass front, and glass on back, water and dust resistant. The new display, is called the Super Retina Display! 5.8 inch OLED features Dolby Vision and HDR 10. With no home button, you wake your phone with already available Raise to Wake, and now, by simply touching the screen. To go Home, just swipe up from the bottom. To Multitask, just swipe up, and hold for a second to enter the task screen. Unlocking your phone is now done with facial recognition, or Face ID (although, during the stream, it didn’t quite work at first attempt lol). Animate Emojis, Animojis, add new expressions to your messaging experience. The suite of camera and sensors in the front of the phone, such as True Depth, now allow Portrait Mode to work while taking selfies! Pre orders start on October 27th and ship on November 3rd starting at $999 for the 64GB (ouch!) and a 256GB also available.

So, are you excited? Love Apple products? Despise them? Let us know in the comments!

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