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Today you woke up to your regular routine, grabbed your phone, or sat at your computer. Logged on to your favorite site, watched your favorite people and read about your favorite things. That is net neutrality.

Now imagine tomorrow that routine is forcibly broken, your favorite site is slow or non existent, you can’t find your favorite person’s vlog or show and that thing you enjoy? Well your ISP (Internet Service Provider) says you should like this other thing instead.


So what exactly is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is basically the internet’s guiding principle, It’s purpose is to preserve your basic rights and freedoms to freely communicate online. It means your provider should provide you with an open network for you to navigate without blocks or hindrance. Think of it as your phone company telling you who you can call and what you can say on your calls.

The FCC adopted rules based on Title II of the communications act which gives internet users strong protections, but this has all come under attack by Chairman Pai who happens to be a former Verizon lawyer, he aims to revert to a Title I giving control of the internet to companies, and doing nothing to protect internet user like you and I.

Will this affect me?

The internet is a level playing field, any small business owner, Etsy shop, blogger, food critic has a voice online. The internet allows vulnerable communities and diverse groups or organizations to be seen, this would all be stripped away. You would only see what companies like Verizon and Comcast want you to see. So yes, this will affect all of us.

Take action!

Chairman Pai wants to open the door for companies to take control of our internet. His plan was proposed April 2017 and the FCC voted to move the proposal forward.

Take a stand along with us to defend our rights to connect freely:








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