Hands on at E3: Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

We waited in line for 7 hours to get hands on with Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.  Was it worth it?  Did Steve! go crazy in line?  Are strawberry milkshakes tasty after killin’ Nazis?!



If you don’t follow us on Twitter and Instagram, you’re really missing out.  You missed the chronicles of Steve! waiting in line for Wolfenstein.  It was a long line to get into Papa Joes Diner, slip into a booth (or sit at the bar if that’s your sort of thing), settle in and kill some Nazi’s. Yes.  BJ is back and he’s pissed, more pissed than last time, but probably not as pissed if they make the third one.  This isn’t a bad thing either, Wolfenstein: The New Order was awesome.  Fun with amazing graphics continuing the “Wolfenstein” franchise in a new, more insane direction.


“The New Colossus” picks up directly after “The New Order” and you wake up and your legs don’t work!  You wheel yourself around a submarine thats being attacked by Frau Engel and her command to either kill or capture you.  You wheel around the sub killing and maiming until you reach an old friend. You’re introduced to a trap system that zaps Nazi’s into oblivion.  You want to find Anya and Step tells you to head up.  Pushes you out the door and you wheeling your way through more of the sub.  You can chose to turn on the traps, or go guns ablazing.  I chose the latter, shooting everything that moved.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t die a few times, I totally did, and every time my hatred for Frau Engel grew.  You finally wheel to an area of conveyer belts, the Nazi’s see you coming and flip them in reverse sending you down the line, knocking you out of the chair.

This video doesn’t exist

You pick yourself up and you’re on your way again.  The music has changed to deep basses that really get you pumped to MURDER.  You wheel into a room and are given the opportunity to stealth kill.  After breaking necks and firing their own gun through their chin you find yourself in another fire fight.  There are flammable tanks all around and it was so rewarding shooting one and not having it explode, but rather spit out flames engulfing your enemy.  Tossing some grenades only increases the chaos, shit is flying everywhere.  You wheel into the elevator shaft to head up to the surface, and a Nazi bamboozles you!  He’s on top of you, choking the life out of you!  You’re vision begins to fade as he grip tightens.  Until Anya blows his damn head off!

You head up to the surface to find your mates in a firefight with the Nazis, eventually they get the best of you and Frau Engel emerges.  Flanked by her overweight daughter who is continuously brow beaten about her appearance, Frau takes a megaphone and calls for BJ to give himself up.  She goes up to her warship and waits.  BJ decides to go up and figure out a way to get everybody free.  BJ wheels himself up and we get the cast cutscene.

The game is beautiful and the music really fills the atmosphere and changes your mood.  I cannot wait for this title to be release on October 27th to finish this up.  There are some things I didn’t get to do in the demo (like wear that awesome metal suit that we see in the trailer) but I had a great time shooting Nazi’s between the eyes!

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