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Anticipation 2018: Days Gone

Happy New Year to all you fine people! Welcome to my 3rd entry into ANTICI… PATION 2018! Today I tackle my love for zombies, show you a side of an actor you may not have realized was there, & let you know this is NOT a copy and paste game! Here we go! Days Gone

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Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Is Coming!

Another year another Call of Duty, another Call of Duty another zombies mode. This year however were going a little more back to where it all started! WW2 Nazi Zombie got its first trailer this week at San Diego Comic-con! I’m not a huge fan of the Zombies series (I can’t get past level 20)

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Sony E3 Press Conference Review.

The king of consoles right now has to be Playstation, and with another stellar lineup on the way it’s hard to argue against them. Sony didn’t announce many games that will release this year, but they have a lot in store in the next calendar year. The first game they did show though will be

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