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Video Game Deals a Plenty

Check these deals out to game on the cheap!!

Video Game Deals are Back!!

Putting up weekly video games deals went away briefly but we’re back and still as average as ever, but you will save some money if you read along.  Starting as usual with you wonderful PC gamers and the Steam marketplace I’m sure you shop at.  Right off the bat Steam comes in swinging with the

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Steve and His Top Ten…OF THE YEAR!

LISTS LISTS LISTS!  Who doesn’t love a great list?  Especially end of the year lists!  I’ve complied my top ten games I’ve played of the year.  2017 was a crazy year, I had a baby, moved and started this website (my other baby).  Let’s walk through the magical world of 2017!   10. Miracle Merchant

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We Were There: Gamestop Expo 2017

The Gamestop expo was a yearly conference for their staff to come, see the new games and accessories and get a yearly rah rah.  In 2013 they decided to open it to the public here in Vegas.  It was an amazing time to do it.  Xbox and Sony had their next gen systems there for

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