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What I Hope to See in Season of The Worthy.

Here we are a little more than a week out from Destiny 2’s newest season “Season of The Worthy.” I can’t help but feel excitement for some of the features, and game modes that we have being added/returning to Destiny. The headline addition as everyone knows is the return of Trials of Osiris, Destiny’s feature

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Bungie Talks Destiny 2 DLC “Warmind”!

Destiny fans eagerly have been waiting the day Bungie talks about the new Warmind DLC, and today was that day! Bungie had an announcement stream for the new DLC which showed off some of the content that is being prepared to drop. During the livestream Bungie announced that the planet Mars will be making it’s

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Destiny 2’s New Expansion “Warmind” is Coming!

Destiny 2 is getting another long-awaited expansion, and it just got a release date today! This expansion is going to be named “Warmind” and will be dealing with a former machine called a Warmind, which is a A.I. that was eventually ment to save the earth from anything that could threaten the earth. Rumors have

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