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The PS4 Console Cycle Is Ending!?

After a stellar 5 years the first reports have come out that the PS4 is coming to the end of its life cycle! On Twitter today a report from Takashi Mochizuki stated that PS Chief Kodera said that “PS4 is entering final phase of its life cycle, which would have negative impact to the unit,  but recurring

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Video Games Are Expensive, But I’m Here To Help.

When you spend as much money on video games as I do you tend to keep an eye out for any deals possible.  So this morning I spent a little time gathering some deals on games for you all to enjoy and hopefully enjoy on the cheap.  Looking into the PC world through the wonderful

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Frankenculture Podcast Episode 18- Cliffy B

  The guys went to the LVL Up Expo here in Vegas.  We get into all the Wal-Mart Canada leaks, Boss Key productions shutting down, Rage 2 and E3.  Also, WTF is going on with Stan Lee’s Twitter??! Here is our shop! Make sure to like and follow us on Facebook Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Stitcher!   

Belgium Says No! To Loot Boxes.

Not too long ago we all heard the news that some countries were looking into loot boxes being a form of gambling, and Belgium has decided they are! Today Belgian Gaming Commission has decided that games with randomized loot boxes such as Overwatch, FIFA 18, Counter Strike and other games are “games of chance”, and are

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