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Review: Aqua Lungers for Nintendo Switch

Far too long, couch co-op has taken a back seat to online multiplayer and single player games. Far too long working with, or against your friend within smacking range has been non existent and I’ve had to listen to Levi and Stackhouse talk crap from miles away over a headset. Luckily for us, WarpedCore Studio

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Play’s Of The Game!

Hey guys welcome back to another episode of play’s of the game! This is  a weekly segment where we find, or you send in the best clips of you or your friends in-game. If you have one you would like to send in please send it to any of our social media or directly to

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On November 4th our friend Jen Tonon will be doing something Japanese business men wish they could do:  play video games for 24 hours straight.  She’s doing it for a wonderful cause as well, benefiting her local children’s hospital, in honor of her late brother James.  I got a chance to talk to Jen about

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