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On November 4th our friend Jen Tonon will be doing something Japanese business men wish they could do:  play video games for 24 hours straight.  She’s doing it for a wonderful cause as well, benefiting her local children’s hospital, in honor of her late brother James.  I got a chance to talk to Jen about

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Games We’re excited about: Cuphead

You may have noticed that around here we like video games.  We get excited, angry, fed up and amped up about video games!  We’re here to talk about the first emotion, excited! We cannot wait to play “Cuphead”!  Since the annoucment in 2014 we’ve been waiting for more info, more gameplay, really more anything!  “Cuphead”

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FrankenCulture Presents: E3 Hangover

Levi, Stackhouse and Steve sit around and talk video games.  There are some rants, some wishes and at one point it turns into an Overwatch podcast.  We talk about all of us playing Overwatch, Sea of Thieves (or Skull and Bones).

Hands on at E3: Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

We waited in line for 7 hours to get hands on with Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.  Was it worth it?  Did Steve! go crazy in line?  Are strawberry milkshakes tasty after killin’ Nazis?!   If you don’t follow us on Twitter and Instagram, you’re really missing out.  You missed the chronicles of Steve! waiting in

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Hands on at E3: Blasters of the Universe

We’re at E3 and trying to get our grubby hands on everything we possibly can.  We played Blasters of the Universe VR Bullet Hell!     Now I have never played any VR game, EVER.  As we walked the floor I saw this game being played and it looked amazingly fun.  There was no line

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