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Hello guys! As I present to you a new member of the Frankenculture team, Kenny Savage!!!! As he needs no introduction, he will be doing reviews on all WWE wrestling figures from now on! Go and watch this video down below and give Kenny Savage your support!!! Advertisements

Frankenculture Podcast Episode 13: Making Calls

The guys are back talking Netflix, Las Vegas Toy Con (with special guest Ken from Kenny Boys Toys on youtube), The Donnas and what Stackhouse needs to start doing.  All the while Steve is trying to pass his health card test.  Another all star ep!   Make sure you subscribe on your favorite podcast app,

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Lumberjack is Building a Gundam on Twitch!

Hey guys I am live right now on Twitch with something a little different. I am building a Gundam model on Twitch, so if you want to see a model come together in real-time head over! Also here is a quick unboxing video. If you want to watch the livestream the link to my Twitch

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Lumberjack Will be Live Today.

Hey everyone its me Stack and I wanted to tell you that I will be live around 10am PST. I’ll be on Twitch with my first IRL (In Real Life) stream while I build a Gundam model. So if you’re not busy and wanna come hang out and chat feel free, it should be a

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