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McFarlane Toys Take It Like A Champ Bloody Lucille vs. Regular!

Isaiah here! I know it has been a while… I am sorry for my absence. But, I hope to make it up to you guyz 😉 I preordered her on March 15, 2017 and received her August 21, 2017. I think she is amazing! They did a pretty good job on her, but it really

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SDCC 2017: 7/21 TV Panels

Friday at SDCC is usually all about TV and the panels that go along with them!  There was some big news, some trailers and some special surprises.  Let’s get into it!   Walking Dead     Always a fan favorite, “Walking Dead” returned to Hall H for the 8th time.  Biggest news is, yes, we

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Telltale Games Announces The Walking Dead The Final Season! 

“Oh my God!” Was my first reaction! Telltale games has just Announced the last Walking Dead game. The Walking Dead The Final Season may or may not be the final name, as “The Final Season” is a temporary name for moment. It doesnt however  insinuate this will be the installment, to the beloved decision-making story

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