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Let Your Vulcan Flag Fly! Vulcan Ear Wireless Earbuds Available Now!

Now I’m not the biggest Star Trek fan in the world.  Nor do I like when I see people wearing the wireless ear bud necklace.  So I’m a little torn on these new earbuds available at ThinkGeek.  I mean in one sense I should be happy because I won’t have to see people with that

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Finally got these figures in hand. And this is my very first official Ultra Instinct Goku! These figures are super tiny, but highly detailed!! Come and join me for a quick toy review!

E3 Public Registration Opens today!

The rush to get E3 tickets has started! Well or so I thought… Roughly 30 minutes ago I was prepared for a refresh battle only comparable by the all mighty San Diego Comic-Con. Coffee in hand, 2 screens shinning bright and ready to go! Registration was slated to go live at 12pm EST. I imagined

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HTC Keeps the VIVE ahead of the game!

With VR technology becoming more and more popular, coming up with new tech and better specs for your machines is a must. No one better to do that than HTC with the Vive. Yesterday they announced that they will be improving the experience, with the new Vive Pro and wireless adapter! HTC debuted the new

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Steve and His Top Ten…OF THE YEAR!

LISTS LISTS LISTS!  Who doesn’t love a great list?  Especially end of the year lists!  I’ve complied my top ten games I’ve played of the year.  2017 was a crazy year, I had a baby, moved and started this website (my other baby).  Let’s walk through the magical world of 2017!   10. Miracle Merchant

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Due to the fact that allot of my subscribers weren’t happy with the color of the hair, I have repainted her hair to match the anime. With that said join me for this toy review!