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Lumberjack is Building a Gundam on Twitch!

Hey guys I am live right now on Twitch with something a little different. I am building a Gundam model on Twitch, so if you want to see a model come together in real-time head over! Also here is a quick unboxing video. If you want to watch the livestream the link to my Twitch

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Lumberjack Live!

Alright guys so here we go! I am live now playing some more Overwatch, to celebrate the launch of  the Overwatch League regular season. So come by and hang out with me. Also if you want to see the new skins that have been added to Overwatch please let me know, and ill do my

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Lumberjack is Live!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages Lumberjack Stack is live! Im on Twitch right now playing some Overwatch, and taking a look at some of the new skins that they have added for Overwatch Leagues launch. So if you wanna swing by and take a look feel free. Lumberjack Stacks Channel!