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Frankenculture WWE 2k18 Draft!

Steve and Marty are together drafting their fantasy WWE shows!  We get into where the Iconic Duo has been, who likes eating pins and why Marty has 75 different “Daddies”. We will also stream for the NXT titles very soon, so keep an eye on the website for that info!  As also subscribe and hit

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Will Overwatch League be the next successful professional sports platform?

Overwatch League (OWL)  is a new professional e-sports platform, that is more along the likes of the NFL or NBA than it is your traditional e-sports. OWL will have a season that spans basically 6 months from kickoff to the playoffs and championship, and assures to be action packed for Overwatch fans. 12 teams divided

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I’m Hurt with Cut Throat Cody Episode 5!

In this episode Timothy and myself speak about the Roman Reigns John Cena “shoot” promo from last weeks Raw, why Sexy Star is a asshole and I give a bit of advice on how to make money in the broken world of Pro Wrestling! Hope you all enjoy!

Paris 2024 Olympics open to inclusion of Esports.

  The past few years have been amazing for the esports community, Many of our favorite games have been televised and represented like never before. I would have never imagined I could drive down the Las Vegas strip and see fighting games I grew up playing being displayed on marquees and billboards. As big as

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Hello again FrankenCulture Faithful, it’s CTC again sharing with you the past Goodness of I’m Hurt with Cut Throat Cody.

Episodes 1 and 2 can be found here.

Hope you all Enjoy!

Thank you Steve,
Cody and TS