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Sweet Freakin Deals Man!! 

  After spending a few days poking around the Internet to try and find you gamers some sweet deals I’ve finally gathered some to hopefully help keep the wallet fat and your thumbs on the controllers. Let’s break it down!!   PlayStation made it super easy on me this week by opening their once a

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Frankengaming: RED DEAD OMG

  The guys are back talking about the newest Red Dead Redemption trailer.  We get to some other stuff like why preordering sucks, Nintendo messing up the Arcade Archive with a garbage price and some more Destiny 2 talk!  We also chat about a planned Charity Stream, which if you want to see us play

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FrankenCulture Presents: E3 Hangover

Levi, Stackhouse and Steve sit around and talk video games.  There are some rants, some wishes and at one point it turns into an Overwatch podcast.  We talk about all of us playing Overwatch, Sea of Thieves (or Skull and Bones).

We Went To E3!

I’m sure you may have noticed, we were at E3 this past week.  We shot some footage of some of the booths and what has happening that you might enjoy, get a feeling of what was happening (without waiting in lines).  Stay tuned to the end of the video for a rap by Crash Bandicoot!

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Sony E3 Press Conference Review.

The king of consoles right now has to be Playstation, and with another stellar lineup on the way it’s hard to argue against them. Sony didn’t announce many games that will release this year, but they have a lot in store in the next calendar year. The first game they did show though will be

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