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We Finally Know What Games Are on The PS Classic!

A little while back everyone found out that Sony will be releasing a Playstation Classic, and now we know a little more about the games that will come with it. All of 20 games have finally been announced, and the games will be… Battle Arena Toshinden Cool Boarders 2 Destruction Derby Final Fantasy VII Grand

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Sony and the PlayStation Finally Cave!!!

    Sony and the PlayStation announced this morning that they are finally caving to their community and will be starting a beta for cross platform gaming across all consoles, PC, MAC, and mobile gaming to allow their Fortnite loving fans the chance to finally play with their brothers from other mothers… sisters too can’t

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Playstation 1 is Coming Back!

Everyone knows that Nintendo has been relaunching the old school consoles, and they have been smash hits with people. With the success of the NES classic and SNES classic Sony looks like they want a piece of that pie. The Original Playstation after 25 years since it initial launch is coming back! Now with a

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