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FrankenCulture Presents: E3 Hangover

Levi, Stackhouse and Steve sit around and talk video games.  There are some rants, some wishes and at one point it turns into an Overwatch podcast.  We talk about all of us playing Overwatch, Sea of Thieves (or Skull and Bones).

Weekly Stream Schedule (July 9nd – July 15th)

This week our own LumberJack Stack will have plenty of streams for you guys, including some on both the LumberJackStack Youtube page and Frankenculture Twitch page. If you would like to subscribe or follow the links are right here! LumberJack Stack youtube channel! Frankenculture twitch channel!  All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST) so keep

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Bethesda E3 Conference Review!

At 9pm PT we got to venture into the amazing world of Bethesdaland! There were some amazing sights to witness our first stop was Doom VFR (no release date) and Fallout 4 VR (October this year)  . VR seems to make both of these amazing games even more fun looking. From the Revenant in Doom

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