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DEADGRIN CUSTOMS BLOG #3: TWELVE VIRUS video (Dragon Ball Figures Evolution – Goku!)

Hey Deadgrinners and FrankenCultists! Today I’d like to take the limelight away from my personal endeavours and instead would like to talk to you about a growing little YouTube channel called Twelve Virus. Its a great channel that shows appreciation to the older Dragon Ball figures. In his latest series he shows the evolution of

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Hey Deadgrinners and FrankenCultists! I rotate my hobby of customizing Dragon Stars figures through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Today I added an outlet for other inspiring customizers, a Facebook group (Dragon Stars Collectors). Here we’ll be able to discuss all things Dragon Ball and our appreciation of the Dragon Ball figure lines. This mostly

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Custom Dragon Stars Omega Shenron Part 1

Hey Deadgrinners and FrankenCultists! Using a Jiren figure I begin my Omega Shenron figure. Enjoy!

Custom Dragon Stars Yardrat Goku Part 1

Hey Deadgrinners and FrankenCultists! From out of the fodder box I take three figures and make one. A Yardrat Goku. Enjoy!