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Halloween is back!

Bringing back the gore in horror, the new Halloween made an apperience at SDCC today! With an appearance from Jamie Lee Curtis on the panel, and even an extended version of the trailer. This new Halloween will be a direct sequal to the original film. Curtis explained how her character Laurie had dealt with everything.

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SDCC 2018: LEGO DC Super-Villains New Trailer!

LEGO dropped a new trailer for the upcoming game “Super-Villains”. It gives a peak into what you’ll actually be doing. Looks like you’re helping the other villains get rid of the Justice Syndicate, who have gotten rid of the Justice League. A pretty fun premise in a genre that needed a breath of fresh air

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Shyamalan’s “Glass” Got A New Trailer!

Day 2 of SDCC is underway, and today Universal Studios had some announcements. One of them being a brand new trailer for the upcoming “Glass” film. Glass will be the third part of Shyamalan’s great crossover of titles. This trio of movies started all the way back with Unbreakable(2000), and most recently the sequal Split(2016).

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