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Review: Feather (XBO) or I’m Like a Bird

It’s not everyday you get to play a game that has no enemies, no boss fights and no objectives. The team at Australia based Samurai Punk set out to do exactly that. “Feather” puts you in control of a bird, flying around a deserted island. As stated there are no enemies or objectives other than….fly.

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Review: Aqua Lungers for Nintendo Switch

Far too long, couch co-op has taken a back seat to online multiplayer and single player games. Far too long working with, or against your friend within smacking range has been non existent and I’ve had to listen to Levi and Stackhouse talk crap from miles away over a headset. Luckily for us, WarpedCore Studio

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Brightburn Review

  The market is incredibly saturated with comic book/ super hero movies.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan.  There has been some super hero movie fatigue as of late  personally.  I’m over it.  When the James Gunn produced “Brightburn” released it’s original trailers I was still apprehensive. Were those apprehensions founded, or was

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Hello everyone, I’m back here again after a good year of not doing comparisons and bring to you yet another comparison review between the 3 leading lines for DragonBall action figures! With that said come join me and the talented Cole Scott and Tristan Scott for the amazing dub they did for this stopmotion review!!!!