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Good News Trails Players. No More Artifact Power!

No more artifact power in trials!

Destiny 2 Need’s to Keep 6v6!

When Bungie announced Destiny 2 they also announced some changes to the way the game worked. Included the changes to “The Crucible” which is Destiny’s PvP game was changed to an all 4 player playlist. Many loyal Destiny fans were not happy with the changes, as bringing the numbers down meant that the game style

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Frankenculture Approved Plays of the Week!

Alright so here we are again another week, another bunch of amazing clips! This week has some pretty sweet entries! Starting us off is some pretty amazing Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP action. Our main badass here is a sniping machine! Taking out people quickly in the beginning only to have the be revived by a

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