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The Best of PSX 2017!

Playstation held their 4th annual “Playstation Experience”, and it was amazing. The opening night was full of insane and very welcome announcements and updates. From VR to remasters there was everything, and it’s looking to be another great year from Playstation. Trying to capitalize on their stellar 2017, 2018 is chalked full of amazing titles,

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Capcom Announces New Megaman Game!

  He’s baaack! The blue bomber is returning in “Megaman 11” which was announced today. This new installment is slated for a late 2018 launch, and features a new hand drawn art style! Similarly to the new Dragonball Z Fighterz game it will also be a 2.5D artstyle instead of the original 8-bit look we

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A Day Late, But Hopefully Not a Dollar Short.

I admit I dropped the ball and didn’t write this article for you all yesterday. I got sucked into the wonderful world of Fortnite and Call of Duty WWII and completely forgot to tell all you wonderful readers where the deals are for your video game needs. Alas I’m trying my best to give you

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Frankengaming: EA still sucks

The guys are back with special guest Matt!  Levi goes on a twitch tirade, EA still sucks, Black Friday and we play a game!  Remember to subscribe on stitcher and iTunes, leave us a 5 star review and we will read it on air, no matter how insane it is!  

What Is Going On With Battlefront 2!

Battlefront 2 is a huge upcoming Star Wars game produced by Dice and EA. Originally it was a wonderful title for many people bringing to life more of the Star Wars universe, but now its a true look at how bad micro transactions can be in a game. Report after report have come out about

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