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Frankenculture Podcast: Getting NES-y with it!

  The b-b-b-b-boys are back and talking all sorts of nonsense in this quick episode.  We talk Levi’s illness, Jessica Jones, and what got us into gaming.   Advertisements


It Used To Be Better: They Live

April and Steve are back and they are talking about the CLASSIC movie, “They Live”!  There’s some side talk about garbage truck technology and how hot Roddy Piper is.  A MUST NOT MISS episode! Advertisements


It Used To Be Better Episode 4: Overboard

  April and Steve are back watching a movie from Aprils upbringing, “Overboard”.  Starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in an insane story.  Steve is confused on a hostage situation and April finds the love story. Advertisements


End of the Year Votes!

Our end of the year polls are up on our Twitter page.  Make your vote count as we talk and reveal if we agree or HATE you all. Meme of the Year   Most Difficult Game of the Year   Biggest Let Down   Worst Game of the Year   Best Movie of the Year

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Frankengaming: Best of the Year discussion

Guys are all together with some special guests talking best of the year. We’ll have some polls up to get your input! We’ll be back in to weeks with our person results.  NOTE: This episode is unedited and contains a small recording mishap. Advertisements


It Used To Be Better Episode 2: Robocop (1987)

  April and Steve are back with a movie from Steves Childhood!   We watched 1987’s Robocop!  Steve remembers fondly and April gives her opinion on this classic.   Advertisements