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AVAST. We have Sea of Thieves updates!

ARRRRR PORTSIDE HAVE SOME MIGHTY FINE UPDATES!  Rare released a video today giving an overview of some of the things they have planned (for free) for SoT over the next few months.  Here is a quick run down of somethings that are mentioned, but there is a lot to parse through in the actual video

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First Impressions of Sea of Thieves!

Microsoft finally has brought a hit exclusive from the once brilliant Rare, and again they have made a game to remember. A stylistic pirate sim that wonderfully brings the cartoonish feel of older Rare titles, and the beautiful water and world that the player is dropped into. When I say dropped into the world I

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Movie Review – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales

Avast ye scurvy scoundrels! Here is the fifth installment in the never-ending Pirates of the Caribbean series, starring everyone’s favorite actor of wacky characters, Johnny Depp! I’ll try to avoid any major spoilers in this review. If somehow you’ve managed to avoid watching any of the previous movies, you might be as soulless as the

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