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Video Game Deals a Plenty

Check these deals out to game on the cheap!!


Hero 30 is Baptiste!

Blizzard has finally dropped the 30th hero to the Overwatch roster! Baptiste is a new hero-dps hybrid hero, and sure look to add quite the shake up to how Overwatch plays. Yesterday was the full the drop of his new origin trailer, and it’s quite a story. From a Haitian orphan, to a fierce combat

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Surprise!! New Battle Royale!!

Respawn Entertainment the minds behind the super fun shooters Titanfall and Titanfall 2 decided to surprise the gaming world today by dropping a free to play battle royale game across PC, XboxOne and Play Station 4.  A game that was seemingly secretly in development up until popular Twitch streamer Shroud dropped a picture on twitter

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Anthem VIP BETA, Tough Start for EA and BioWare!

This last weekend of January the 25th-27th there were a bunch on VIP Beta codes for the two developers EA and BioWare’s upcoming AAA title Anthem, a 3rd person action RPG that’s been gaining a lot of hype and excitement from people as it could be a Destiny the game killer. Unfortunately the beta was

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Those Video Game Deals Though!!

I know that its late January but maybe you’re still reeling from the holiday gift season, maybe you bought everyone else games and didn’t have any funds left over for yourself, whatever the case may be I’m here to help. I went through your popular console market places and the ever popular Steam marketplace for

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