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OWL Power Rankings Heading Into Week 4!

Week 3 of OWL has gone by, and has left us with some questions and answers. We saw the end of the undefeated this week, and probably some of the longest matches we have seen so far. Along with that we saw some teams manage to barely stay afloat. The question is what teams landed

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OWL Power Rankings Heading Into Week 3!

OWL has been running for 2 strong weeks now, and it’s not slowing down. Watching these guys is still so fun, watching these teams develop real teamwork and strategy. Some teams have developed some more than others, and some still seem to just been turning on the engine. So let’s get in to where the

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OWL Power Rankings After Week 1.

Week 1 of OWL was phenomenal! With some of the best Overwatch play seen around the world, with all 12 teams showing off everything they could bring to the table. Some teams rose to even higher grounds, while others seemed a little unprepared. Let’s get into where these teams sit after week 1! 12. Shanghai

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