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Sometimes A Game Surprises You

For a couple of us here at Frankenculture that game is ARK: Survival Evolved.  I play a lot of shooters but there is a huge soft spot in my heart for survival games, city builders, and crafting games.  Then compliments of the developers they managed to combine all of those sweet game elements and then

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Frankenculture Podcast Episode 43: Leak Week!

Steves and Levi are joined by Josh!! We talk all the E3 leaks, did Stackhouse complete the Raid, and Pahrump BBQ! A Fun show that flew by! Also it’s not episode 44, but 43! https://pinecast.com/listen/82b4cb3f-2abb-4177-9dac-ae8240b258c2.mp3 Use podcoin and earn! Use code Franken

Sony and the PlayStation Finally Cave!!!

    Sony and the PlayStation announced this morning that they are finally caving to their community and will be starting a beta for cross platform gaming across all consoles, PC, MAC, and mobile gaming to allow their Fortnite loving fans the chance to finally play with their brothers from other mothers… sisters too can’t

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Nintendo Switch Online!!!

Is anyone else as excited as we are for another paid online console service? With Nintendo finally announcing their new pay online service coming mid September console gamers will have another pay to play online service on their hands. Admittedly Nintendo’s price for their awesomely selling console is considerably cheaper than that their competition the

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Nintendo’s New Labo Kit is All About Planes, Subs and Automobiles!

Today Nintendo announced that Labo will be getting a new plethora of accessories, and these new additions will be all vehicle themed! You will now be able to control your own car, plane and even a submarine! The new additions should be coming  September 14th for $69.99, and will even add new toy-cons. The new

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