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SDCC 2019: Funko Exclusives Part 1

San Diego Comic Con Season is upon us already and Funko has started the hype train with a some exclusive reveals!  Let’s get right into it!   Animation! Dragon Ball Z is getting two exclusives.  Vegeta, which will also be available at Hot Topic (HT) and Ghost Gotenks, which will also be available at BoxLunch

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Frankenculture Podcast Episode 13: Making Calls

The guys are back talking Netflix, Las Vegas Toy Con (with special guest Ken from Kenny Boys Toys on youtube), The Donnas and what Stackhouse needs to start doing.  All the while Steve is trying to pass his health card test.  Another all star ep!   Make sure you subscribe on your favorite podcast app,

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Black Mirror- “Metalhead”

3 people driving around a desolate area. (Feels like mad max-ish) they end up at a warehouse which seems like they are trying to scavenge for supplies. While in the warehouse they are suddenly startled by a weird machine that looks kind of like a beetle and a dog? Metal beetle dog. The machine blows

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