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It Used To Be Better Episode 10: Big

Steve and April here with another edition of “It Used to Be Better”!  We tackle Big and have the most controversial F, Marry, Kill in the history of the show! You can also listen to the show on youtube, so make sure you sub to us there if podcasts aren’t your thing! Advertisements

Shout/ Scream Factory Even Made it to SDCC

Where they were kind enough to drop all of the upcoming video awesomeness for you people that still collect actual videos and don’t just download or stream things. The two websites are known for showing up to comic con and giving everyone a heads up of what to get excited for in the coming year.

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Halloween is back!

Bringing back the gore in horror, the new Halloween made an apperience at SDCC today! With an appearance from Jamie Lee Curtis on the panel, and even an extended version of the trailer. This new Halloween will be a direct sequal to the original film. Curtis explained how her character Laurie had dealt with everything.

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Shyamalan’s “Glass” Got A New Trailer!

Day 2 of SDCC is underway, and today Universal Studios had some announcements. One of them being a brand new trailer for the upcoming “Glass” film. Glass will be the third part of Shyamalan’s great crossover of titles. This trio of movies started all the way back with Unbreakable(2000), and most recently the sequal Split(2016).

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It Used To Be Better Episode 9-The Craft

  April and Steve are talking the 90’s classic, “The Craft”!  April reminisces about being a young witch and lifting her friends up with one finger.  Steve doesn’t understand why teenage girls in LA were allowed to party in homeless camps, and no one hates the amazing special effects!   Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Stitcher!