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It Used To Be Better Episode 8: The Blues Brothers

April and Steve are chatting about the classic movie, “The Blues Brothers”!  They get into why there needs to be so many car accidents, orange whips, the good ole boys and if the brothers are….brothers?  Take a listen and remember to subscribe to us on itunes or stitcher!   Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Stitcher!    Advertisements

Pacific Rim: Uprising Movie Review

I don’t think anyone in their right mind is gonna walk in to Pacific Rim: Uprising expecting a masterpiece. If you’re like me, then you will walk into this movie expecting some awesome robot on monster action. Which the movie definitely delivers, in its last 15 mins. The road getting there though is boring, poorly

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It Used To Be Better Episode 6: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

April and Steve are back with another episode of It Used To Be Better!  They watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and everyone loved it, or did they?!  We get into time travel talk, Sam Ash and could Joan of Arc get help in today’s society.   Remember to subscribe and leave us a review! 

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Tonight I had the all time best fun thrilling night that I’ve had in a long time! Although some may disagree, to me this movie was the funnest movie I got to watch all year!  As we all know from the trailers, this movie takes place right after the first movie in 1995. Some how

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