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Game Pass Is Going Mobile!

Xbox has really pushed the envelope when it come to Games Pass, and today they just made even more news with it! Games Pass will now be supported on Android mobile with “over 100 Xbox Games” able to be played anywhere. This news comes sort of out of no where at least on my end,

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Sony and the PlayStation Finally Cave!!!

    Sony and the PlayStation announced this morning that they are finally caving to their community and will be starting a beta for cross platform gaming across all consoles, PC, MAC, and mobile gaming to allow their Fortnite loving fans the chance to finally play with their brothers from other mothers… sisters too can’t

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Bungie Partners With NetEase!

Bungie the beloved developer of mega gaming franchises such as Halo and Destiny has set its eyes on new horizons. The developer made an announcement about a one hundred million dollar partnership deal with NetEase! The deal also a minority stake in Bungie along with a seat on the board of directors. The multi million

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