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A Day Late, But Hopefully Not a Dollar Short.

I admit I dropped the ball and didn’t write this article for you all yesterday. I got sucked into the wonderful world of Fortnite and Call of Duty WWII and completely forgot to tell all you wonderful readers where the deals are for your video game needs. Alas I’m trying my best to give you

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I Dream of Deals

After staying out until 6am and sleeping most of the day away I’m finally ready to share this weeks deals with you all, hope you’re ready.    PlayStation as usual has a plethora of awesome deals, but we will start with a pretty awesome free game for PlayStation plus memebers for the month of November

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Frankengaming: RED DEAD OMG

  The guys are back talking about the newest Red Dead Redemption trailer.  We get to some other stuff like why preordering sucks, Nintendo messing up the Arcade Archive with a garbage price and some more Destiny 2 talk!  We also chat about a planned Charity Stream, which if you want to see us play

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