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35 Years of Super Mario Brothers!

Today marks the 35th anniversary of everyone’s favorite 2 video game characters with mustaches! Today Nintendo honored that anniversary with some new announcements! The Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch system is exactly what you think it is! You can play the original Super Mario on a clock, I know that seems a bit weird.

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Anticipation 2018: Mario Tennis Aces

Hey, Y’all! I am back for another installment of Anticipation 2018. I decided to switch things around for this edition due to Nintendo dropping their Direct Mini earlier this week and, of course, announced a couple of great things. This particular one is near and dear to my heart, so here we go with Mario

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Nintendo just dropped a SNES style 3DSXL and you were too busy sleeping. 

https://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-New-3DS-XL-Classic-style/dp/B076KRDRQG There it is folks. For $199.99 this 3DS comes with a downloadable code for Mario Kart (because what else would you want to play on a system that looks like this). It has a November 27th release date so you won’t be able to avoid your family during thanksgiving with it but it’s still

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Dear Nintendo, I’m sorry.

  When the Switch was announced, I shit all over it.  I thought the premise and the commercial was ridiculous.  Why would I ever take my gaming system to play with my friends of a roof.  WHY WOULD I WANT TO RISK DROPPING IT, BREAKING IT, LOSING THE STUPIDLY NAMED JOY CONS AND NEVER BEING

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FrankenCulture Presents: 13 Things- Nintendo 64 Games

  Shoemaker and Stackhouse are talking 13 best N64 games.  You might disagree with some of the choices, or you might agree all the way.  Let us know what you think!   Remember to Like us on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/frankenculture/ Follow us on Twitter- https://twitter.com/frankenculture Follow us on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/frankenculture/

Nintendo Announces Super NES Classic Edition!

After last year’s NES classic edition there has been speculation of the SNES getting a shot, and it has happened! Today Nintendo announced that they will be launching the SNES classic edition for $79.99 on Sep. 29, 2017! If you’re a fan of the Super Nintendo like I was then I know you’ll be excited.

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