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Nerds of The Round Table Episode 5: My Lil’ Nerdies – FriendShip is Magic

Today Antonio, Cliff, and Swagtastic talk about Movie Trailers, Old Times, Video Games, and more. Come join in on the fun journey and enjoy the ride. Also leave your favorite Fatality from any Mortal Kombat game in the comments!!!

Shout/ Scream Factory Even Made it to SDCC

Where they were kind enough to drop all of the upcoming video awesomeness for you people that still collect actual videos and don’t just download or stream things. The two websites are known for showing up to comic con and giving everyone a heads up of what to get excited for in the coming year.

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YouTube Getting Twitchy! New Twitch Style Subscriptions For Everyone!

Livestreaming, vlogging, reviews and posting videos on YouTube is a booming hobby and for a some people and income. All in all it is a huge and growing community. Twitch the long time front-runner streaming platform has a feature called “subscriptions”. Introduced by Twitch’s Partner Program which lets viewers pay for special emjoi’s and ad free viewing,

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Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones But Words Are No longer Nerfed And Are Starting To Hurt!  

Younger me was definitely the kid that got hurt easily and probably ran home to mamma more than I’d like to admit, looking back it’s probably attributed to my thicker skin as an adult and has also made me realize that I survived those harsh words and people were right when saying “sticks and stones

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