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Frankenculture Podcast Episode 13: Making Calls

The guys are back talking Netflix, Las Vegas Toy Con (with special guest Ken from Kenny Boys Toys on youtube), The Donnas and what Stackhouse needs to start doing.  All the while Steve is trying to pass his health card test.  Another all star ep!   Make sure you subscribe on your favorite podcast app,

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Micheal Watson delivers something amazing with “The Wrestler”

  Some people live the life they have to, working a dead end 9-5 job, going home to a one bedroom apartment, making a tv dinner, and passing out before 11pm.  Micheal Watson is the opposite.  His life for the past five years has involved chair shots, suicide planchas and of course ARMBARS.   Micheal

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It Used To Be Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  The guys get together and talk about “The Last Jedi”.  There are some differing opinions, some list making, and a lot of shirtless Kylo Ren talk.  Thanks to everybody that listens and have a wonderful new year.  Please remember to subscribe on iTunes and stitcher, leave a 5 star review and we will read

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