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Road to Infinity War Review: Captain America Civil War

Phase 3 kicks off with a huge bang! Uniting the biggest cast of heroes ever and having square off in a Civil War! Team Cap vs Team Stark! and the winner…. all of us. The Russo Brothers once again deliver a balanced character story that manages to make each character feel unique and important. But

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Road to Infinity War Review: The Avengers

It’s not everyday that a 4 year plan pays off. I remember the Avengers being the most hyped movie of 2012 even completely over shadowing The Dark Knight Rises. But now six years later how does the end of Phase 1 hold up? Incredible well! Joss Weddon had the task of bringing together all the

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Road to Infinity War Review: Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 was one of the most hyped sequels I can remember being alive for. They teased the Avengers at the end of the first and all the trailers and marketing looked incredible. The final product is a bloated mess that plays better as a montage or stepping stone in the MCU than a

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