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SDCC Funko Exclusives 6/26: Grab Bag!

Funko is killing me.  Every day there is more and more that I’ll be unable to get.  Not only that it’s favorites!  THE BANANA SPLITS?!  UGH, let’s get into it. Harry Potter! I gave up trying to keep up with the Harry Potter Pop!s.  I bought Luna last year, but that was because she was

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SDCC: Funko Pop up Shop Wave 2 and HBO Wave!

  Let’s jump right in!  We’ve got a LOT to cover.  Isaiah filled us in with the details earlier about the shop.  Now get look at more of the exclusives and the con and the shop!  Wacky Races and Westworld here we come! AT THE CON Pop! Television: Westworld – Musashi &Robotic Dr. Ford Host

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