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Lumberjack is Building a Gundam on Twitch!

Hey guys I am live right now on Twitch with something a little different. I am building a Gundam model on Twitch, so if you want to see a model come together in real-time head over! Also here is a quick unboxing video. If you want to watch the livestream the link to my Twitch

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Lumberjack Will be Live Today.

Hey everyone its me Stack and I wanted to tell you that I will be live around 10am PST. I’ll be on Twitch with my first IRL (In Real Life) stream while I build a Gundam model. So if you’re not busy and wanna come hang out and chat feel free, it should be a

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Star Burning Gundam Gunpla Time-lapse!

Hey guys for an early Christmas present my friend Ken from Kennyboy’s Toys,  got me a gunpla kit for the Star Burning Gundam. Featured in the Gundam anime ” Gundam Build Fighters: GM’s Counterattack” and is one of the more powerful Gundams in the series. Here is a quick time-lapse video that Kennyboy himself challenged me to

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